Chrissy, ED Ward Clerk, Auckland

"They’ve set up some isolation rooms in ED...they use these for ones that are really sick, we’ve got a couple rooms in ED for ones that are maybe positive"

Anita Wrote
Thank you Chrissy for your commitment to help others. All the more reason to hold the line and stay home so that you and so many others like you can be reunited with your whanau. Kia kaha.
Margaret Taylor Wrote
Thanks for your generous heart Chrissy. So hard to be away from your whanau when you are helping look after other people's loved ones. I hope you get that cuddle with your granddaughter really soon.
Paul Wrote
Chrissy you have a beautiful heart! Thanks for everything. God bless you always :)
Bronte Ammundsen Wrote
Wow - I can't believe you left your home so you could protect the rest of NZ. Truly selfless xx